Bangkok Tourism

Being the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the most attractive and prominent cities in the world. It is a modern and highly active city, with a wide range of beautiful palaces, temples, ancient museums and captivating architecture located at each and every part of the city. The most engaging thing about Bangkok is that the people here observe both classic and modern kind of lifestyle. From spending a family vacation to enjoying bachelorhood at best clubs in Bangkok, everything is just fabulous. All these fusion of factors make a marvelous trip to this city.

Nightlife In Bangkok

Nightlife has transformed over the years with the emphasis thoroughly on classy rooftop, cocktail bars, and lively nightclubs in Bangkok. The capital city has now much more to offer than just the adult-themed fun of Nana, Patpong and Soi Cowboy. Nightlife in Bangkok is not complete without the party scene at Khao San Road, or the more easygoing Soi Rambuttri next door, while Thonglor seems to have funky latest bars opening each week. With Boom Boom Hunt as your personalized Bangkok nightlife guide for finding nearest nightclub in Bangkok, you will find an ease of searching for best bars, pubs, nightclubs, etc., for making your nightlife groovy and worth remembering.

What To Do, Where To Go!

Areas in Bangkok has a diverse and stunning nightlife. Regardless of what you need to search, you will discover it in Bangkok. From bustling nightclubs to tranquil beer bars to astounding sky lounges with magnificent skyline views, each and everything you experience is spectacular.

Nightlife Areas in Bangkok

Bangkok have some popular areas located at various places in the city to enjoy the nightlife. As your personal guide for finding the best clubs in Bangkok, Boom Boom Hunt will provide you the information about the best getaways for the night in and outside the main streets that are pretty good.

Sukhumvit Road

Sukhumvit Road is one of the well-known nightlife areas of Bangkok. From beer bars and nightclubs to numerous massage parlors and some of the best gay clubs in Bangkok, you will find almost everything here. The majority of the nightlife at this place, especially from Phrom Phong to Nana, is serving men of 30-60 years age from other countries.

Nana - Nana is situated at the start of Sukhumvit road, which is filled with 30-40 GoGo bars and a few beer bars. In addition, you will also find some happening night bars and massage parlours for the best Gay massage in Bangkok.

Asoke - Just like Nana, Asoke is another happening nightlife avenue. It consists of 20-30 GoGo bars plus some restaurants and beer bars at road corners. Along with this, there is a huge nightclub named ‘Insanity’ and a deluxe karaoke bar.

Phrom Phong - Just a BTS station far from Asoke, there is Phrom Phong. The place is also filled with swanky karaoke bars and beer bars.

Khao san Road

If you want to experience the fun filled nightlife and best clubs in Bangkok, this street is probably your best shot. Whilst Sukhumvit road attracts mostly men of 30-60 years of age, Khao san road attracts the younger tourists who just want to have fun and party hard. Khao san road is full of tourists around the globe whole year. This place is mainly popular for backpackers, both men and women.

Khao san Road is a party-hard destination from dusk to dawn. On weekends some Thai people visit here too. The road is full of various beer bars, most of them playing live music from the popular western world. Post midnight the streets are usually full of tourists enjoying and dancing.

How to reach there:

If you are living far from Khao San Road, the only way to reach here is by tuk-tuk or taxi. There is no metro line or skytrain that goes to this place of Bangkok yet.


Royal City Avenue (RCA) is the nightlife area mostly visited by the people of Thailand. You will find various top-line nearest nightclubs in Bangkok and many bars here.

The most popular nightclubs in RCA are Slim, Flix and Route 77. Other than these nightclubs, there are lots of other mini and larger bars near this place.

Even though this area is mostly serving to Thai people, outsiders are also welcomed. What makes this place different is that the people here are genuine.

How to reach there:

You can take an MRT to Phra Ram 9 and take a walk towards the exit number 2 and then board a taxi to RCA.


Patpong 1 is a street which has a night market in the center of the road from 6 in the evening until midnight every day. It is filled with various GoGo bars, beer bars, and numerous clubs with some special days ladies night in Bangkok around in the area.


Thaniya is an aligned street of Patpong with some of the best bars and lesbian clubs in Bangkok, and it is just beneath the Skytrain at station Sala Daeng.

Silom Rd Soi 2 and Soi 4

Soi 2 and Soi 4 are the largest areas of gay clubs in Bangkok. Here you’ll find a lot of  GoGo bars, beer bars with gay Thai boys, and massage parlors where guys do the massage instead of girls.

How to reach there:

If you are not staying in Silom, and you want to explore the place. The quick way to reach there is to board the Skytrain to BTS station of Sala Daeng.


Asiatique The Riverfront is situated close to Chao Phraya River (the largest river in Bangkok).

Asiatique has several bars, restaurants, and gem shops. It is operating from 5 pm till midnight. Some mini roof bars are also located there with soothing live music and eye-catching view.

This street seems to be assisting mostly to Thai, but other tourists also visit here. Most of the time Thai people seem to be really enjoying this place, so if you want to take a Thai girl on a date, then this is perhaps a good place to visit.

The street also has a huge Ferris wheel and several other facilities like mini amusement park. The Ferris wheel costs around 300 baht for five rounds.

Clicking a picture at the huge Asiatique sign is one of the popular activities here.

How to reach there:

You can conveniently reach there by going to Saphan Taksin station by BTS Skytrain and boarding a free shuttle to reach Asiatique.

Rod Fai Night Market 2

This area is much like RCA, but rather than expensive drinks and nightclubs, it is just a street full of small comfy bars that mostly sell beer. Each bar has mini rooftops where you can enjoy the view of the main street while you enjoy your beer.

A lot of bikers like to visit here, and the street is full of different types of motorcycles parked.

There are about 25-30 bars in this avenue packed together. Just after to the bar street, there is a market that is open on Saturdays and Sundays. This is indeed a pretty cool market that sells a lot of antiques and vintage memorabilia and is completely worth a glimpse.

How to reach there:

To reach here you need to travel to Thailand Cultural Center by MRT, then you have to walk out through exit number 3. After that take a left, and the bar street can be seen beyond the first largest shopping mall named Esplanade Shopping Mall.

Further Bars Worth Visiting

Other than the happening nightclubs and discos in Bangkok, there are lots of avenues and fascinating bars outside them. 

Loft to Bar

This one is quite far from the city, but tourists spend a great time here! What makes this place worth visiting is its live music. The bands that play the music here are really awe-inspiring. They play a mix of famous music from the west and Thailand.

Not just that. You need to pay only 200 baht, and you can guzzle as much beer as you can! If you are on a budget tour and like to enjoy drinking beer, this place is definitely for you.

Tawandang German Brewery

This place is definitely a place to look out if you are with your buddies and searching for the best pubs in Bangkok as it will add more to your fun.

This place has a huge stage with fun all night. The music shuffles between traditional and Thai music to Western music and a lot of other varieties. It’s a fun to hang out at this place. 

Being your personal nightlife guide, Boom Boom Hunt will direct you to the best clubs in Bangkok according to your budget and preferences. So worry less and enjoy more!