Pattaya Tourism

Pattaya has always been a city of entertainment and fun. The sparkling coastal city raised prominence in early 1980’s and remained there. From dawn to dusk, Pattaya’s beaches are continuously filled with sun worshippers and watersports lovers. After sunset, the action moves to the streets, as revelers explore Pattaya’s thrilling nightlife scene, where partying and drinking continue till the sun rises. Apart from watersports and nightlife, Pattaya proffers endless options when it comes to entertainment and accommodation. It has projected its image as a sleazy beach town to a place for an extensive audience; whether families, couples or business travelers, Pattaya has something for everyone. So get ready for the thrill and entertainment, and get to visit the best clubs in Pattaya with your personal Nightlife guide, Boom Boom Hunt.

Pattaya Nightlife

Travelers often visit here to enjoy the popular nightlife in Pattaya and party in the bars and clubs the city offers. Most of the time the fun is focused on the areas at beach road and the walking streets, but some tiny bars are also located across the town. Whether you are here to spend your long holidays or just a weekend, the nightlife of Pattaya is worth visiting for all. However, it has an influence for the GoGo and the girly bars, this is now a small part of what the city is offering. Whether you want to enjoy the live music performance, cabaret shows, expertly made cocktails or the best cuisines, you will definitely find what you are looking for. With the Nightlife app like Boom Boom Hunt, it becomes convenient to find the nearest nightclubs in Pattaya to party all night.

Nightlife Destinations

If you are confused about what to do at night, let you personal Nightlife guide, Boom Boom hunt help you spend the best time of your tour.

The nightlife in Pattaya is divided into some main areas with a number of little clumps all over the city. We have mentioned some of the main areas from which you can select your party hub. You can also visit our blog page for the more detailed look at the best clubs in Pattaya for partying.

Walking Street

The popular walking street is the nerve center of the Pattaya nightlife scene, extending from beach road at the north to the Bali Hai pier in the south. The traffic is closed in this neon illuminated street from around 6 pm till the early morning.

This mile long street of pure self-indulgence is the perfect destination for the revelers from across the globe. Lined with a mix of drinking bars, GoGo bars, world-class nightclubs, restaurants and venues for live music, anyone visiting Pattaya can experience this wonderful party destination.

It is not just about the seedy side of this place, the crowd of people also spends a night here to enjoy some appreciable live music performances, eat fresh seafood or love watching some best performers at streets. Even organized tours of Korean and Chinese tourists constantly roam the streets to ingest the atmosphere.

The party actually never starts heating up till around 10 pm. So if you are planning to avoid the crowd but see the street, you better come here a little prior. Perhaps you can enjoy some delicious seafood and then observe the crowd at some open-air beer bar.       

Beach Road

This nightlife spot beside the beach road of Pattaya is not situated in a single area and is a group of a few Soi’s evenly positioned between second road and beach road. Alongside the beach road, you will find an extensive choice of Thai and other international restaurants. Most of the formations are separately owned and utilized, but you will also find a wide variety of restaurants and bars that are connected to the huge hotels which share this avenue, such as the Hard Rock and the Marriott.

Once you decide what to do in at night in Pattaya then you will definitely get the best clubs in Pattaya with the help of the Pattaya nightlife guide by Boom Boom Hunt. You can spend an evening walking down the beach road. It's a significant way to spend a more breezy evening sitting at restaurants and front bars of one of the beaches and enjoying the tranquil environment.

Certain side Soi running between the second road and beach road offer a little more energetic and loud nightlife, such as Soi 6 and Soi 12/13 at the northern end. The beer garden of Pattaya is one of the best destination to enjoy the evening which is located at the beach road’s southern end. You can sit and relax around the water and enjoy some cold drinks in a calm atmosphere.

Beach road is an awesome place to stay if you want to enjoy the nightlife at both beach road and walking street.

Nightlife at Soi Buakhao

The Soi Buakhao & LK Metro areas are becoming the second loved places of nightlife in Pattaya. A few years ago this place was mostly visited by frequent visitors and expats. Although as the word grows, this area is now full of first-time tourists looking for another place to enjoy at the best clubs in Pattaya.

If you're looking for spending an amazing night, then visiting this place must be on your list. You will find the crowd of small restaurants and beer bars. The ambiance here is a quite relaxed than that of the walking street and the bars are occupied from about noon till midnight.

LK Metro is a small square of Soi Diana junction and Soi Buakhao. Here you will find a certain number of  GoGo bars which are more similar ones at Walking street. It is less crowded than the Walking street and an extensive place to feel this side of Pattaya without much buzz.

The road at Soi Buakhao is busy whole night as it is not closed to traffic after the sun sets, so you must take care while you navigate the streets, especially after taking a few drinks. You can also use the Pattaya nightlife app, Boom Boom Hunt, which will navigate through the best possible route to reach your desired destination.

Nightlife in Jomtien

The nightlife in Jomtien is extremely different from that of nearest nightclubs in Pattaya.. This a much calm way to spend your evenings while visiting Pattaya. The central area to enjoy the nightlife in Jomtien is from the Jomtien beach’s northern end road and Jomtien second roads, and the side Soi that links the both.

The main focus here is on a more composed evening. With a large number of restaurants to select from offering delicious cuisines from around the globe.

If you like a vivacious nightlife scene then move towards Jomtien second road for Jomtien beer bar complex. Here you will find around 50 compact beer bars with girls, cheap beers, and loud music.

To make the most of the nightlife, use the Pattaya nightlife guide, Boom Boom Hunt for a never ending experience at Pattaya.