THIS Business Sharing Agreement (Hereinafter be referred as “Agreement”) be is made and executed as mentioned in this Agreement.


Boom Boom Hunt Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter be referred as Boom Boom Hunt) a private limited company registered under The Companies Act, 2013 and having its registered address at SH-22&23, No. 8/1, Rakshak Nagar Chowk, Balaji Palace, Kharadi, Pune-411014

                                                                                                                … Party of the 1st Part

(which expression shall unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof, include his heirs, executors, administrators, legal representative and assign)


The Legal Entity who has agreed with this terms and conditions of this Agreement by registering itself with Boom Boom Hunt as per legal status is either a private, public limited company or partnership firm or sole proprietor or Individual, Associate of Persons or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) or Joint Venture Company or Subsidiary Company who is an legal entity registered under the then prevailing laws and have registered address of the country residence.                                                                                      … Party of the 2nd Part

(which expression shall unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof, include his heirs, executors, administrators, legal representative and assign)

Hereinafter called or referred to as individually as PARTY and collectively as PARTIES.

WHEREAS the PARTIES wish to set forth in this written agreement, the terms and conditions by which they will be governed in this BUSINESS SHARING AGREEMENT.

WHEREAS Boom Boom Hunt and ________(Company Name) have decided to collectively share business knowledge with each other with respect to Boom Boom Hunt Mobile Application and subject to this Agreement.

WHEREAS Boom Boom Hunt is in the business of providing information to their registered users of the different facilities, services provided by ________(Company Name).

WHEREAS ________(Company Name)  are in the business of providing different services with respect massage parlours, pubs, discos, parties, etc., which are in the field of entertainment and leisure. (MENTIONE DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES PROVIDE BY PARTY NO. 2) 

WHEREAS Party no. 2 has to enroll and register with

WHEREAS it is agreed between the parties that with registration of Party no. 2 with Party no. 1 hereby it has agreed with all terms of Agreement and hence no signature needed from either Parties. This Agreement makes it crystal clear that imposes no influence, compulsion of Party no. 2 for registration with Party no. 1 and enlists its services on website or mobile application named Boom Boom Hunt. Party no. 2 has registered itself with Party no. 1 with free will and with its own consent hereby has agreed to terms of this Agreement.

Therefore, in consideration of the promises contained in this Agreement, the PARTIES affirm in writing their association in accordance with the following provisions:


1.Date of Commencement

The BUSINESS SHARING AGREEMENT shall commence from ________(Company Name)  registering with Boom Boom Hunt.


2. Name and Place of Business

That it is decided between the Parties that principal place of business shall be at _________________________________, until changed by Agreement of the Party no. 1, but Party no. 2 may own property and transact business in any and all other places which duly shall be informed to Party no. 2 in prior.


3. Term

1. The AGREEMENT shall be at will.

2.  All PARTIES of this AGREEMENT deed agreed that the Goodwill and Brand Name shall be an exclusive property of the Party of the 1st Part and shall be retained by the Party of the 1st Part in case of dissolution without any dispute.


4. Accounting Year

The Accounting Year of the AGREEMENT shall commence from registering of Party no. 2 with Party no. 1 till 31st March of every year and till the enforcement of this AGREEMENT deed.


5. Bank and Bank Accounts

The Bankers of the AGREEMENT shall be such bank as decided by Party no. 1 to which Party no. 2 shall have no restrictions.


6. Payment Schedule

  1. That it is hereby agreed between the Parties that Party no. 2 shall pay the amount mentioned by to Party no. 1 while registering Party no. 2 which shall be renewed as decided by Party no. 1. The decided Registration Fees shall continue to be the same for the period of one year and later to be changed as decided by both the Parties.

  2. That in case of disputes between the Parties, Boom Boom Hunt is not liable or obliged to refund the monthly/yearly registration fees to ________(Company Name).

  3. That the payment shall be by way of electronic transfer only.

  4. That Party no. 2 shall transfer the amount in the below given bank details:

    (give bank details of Party no. 1)

  5. That the payment shall be transferred by Party no. 2 in accordance with the Payment schedule as mentioned on

7. Information Sharing

  1. That Party no. 1 shall only display the information given by Party no. 2 subject to the Agreement.

  2. That Party no. 2 shall provide apt and accurate list of services provided, rates charged for each service, functioning/running timings of the business, list of holidays, dry days, etc. In case any changes or alterations in providing services then Party no. 2 at earliest shall give intimation to Party no. 1.

  3. Party no. 2 shall give all its information only through authorized e-mail adddress and any other form of communication shall be discouraged and not permitted.

  4. That it is responsibility of Party no. 2 to verify its contents displayed on the website/mobile application of Party no. 1 which in case of inaccurate display shall be readily changed/altered by Party no. 1.

  5. That Party no. 1 shall not be responsible for display of any wrong contents of whatsoever nature on the website/mobile application.

  6. That Party no. 2 shall restrict its information sharing only to the services given, provided legally in the prevailing country. There should be no display with respect to videos, pictures and information containing pornography, drugs, prostitution, and indecent pictures of men, women, children and violence or any unlawful, sexually exploiting, objectionable items, gender/color discrimination by Party no. 2.

  7. That it is complete responsibility of Party no. 1 to maintain secrecy/confidentiality of the services provided, rates charged for each service, functioning/-running timings of the business of Party no. 2.

  8. That in case any software provided by Party no.1 for uploading information on the database of Party no.1 then it is sole responsibility of Party no. 2 to maintain confidentiality of the same.

  9. That Boom Boom Hunt reserves complete and unwavering right with itself that any information found referring Clause 7 (f) then without prior permission or intimation such displayed information shall be removed from website/ mobile application database.

  10. That Boom Boom Hunt reserves rights to test the contents given by Party no. 2 for their legality in the Country in which information displayed. Boom Boom Hunt without prior permission reserves right to modify the content of information provided if necessary for technical purpose.

  11.  That for any image, footage, text, or any other content that Party no. 2 uploads or post to the Application during registration or by through CMS, including but not limited to the Site Services, you represent and warrant that: (i) you have all necessary rights to submit Your Content to the Site Services and grant the licenses set forth herein; (ii) Boom Boom Hunt will not need to obtain licenses from any third party or pay royalties to any third party with respect to Your Content; (iii) Your Content does not infringe any third party's rights, including intellectual property rights and privacy rights; and (iv) Your Content complies with these Terms of Use and all applicable laws 

8. Each PARTY shall

  1. Devote his whole time and attention to the AGREEMENT business (except during holidays);

  2. Punctually pay and discharge his separate debts and engagements, and indemnify the other PARTYIES and the AGREEMENT assets against the same and all proceeding costs, claims or demands in respect thereof;

  3. Be just and faithful to the other PARTYs in all transaction relating to the AGREEMENT business and at all times give to the others true accounts of all such dealings.

9. None of the PARTIES shall without the consents of the other PARTY shall:

  1. Forgo the whole or any part of the debt or sum due to the PARTYs;

  2. Become bail guarantor or surety for any person or do or knowingly suffer anything whereby the AGREEMENT property may be endangered;

  3. Assign or change their interest in the firm;

  4. Draw or accepts or endorse any bill of exchange on promissory note on account of the AGREEMEN

If any PARTY desires to revoke from the AGREEMENT he/she may do so after giving three-month clear notice to the other PARTY. No

Death of any of the PARTY hereto shall not dissolve the AGREEMENT but the legal representative of the deceased PARTY shall be taken up as a PARTY in place and stead of the deceased PARTY.

Boom Boom Hunt reserves right to alter, delete, modify, amend any terms and conditions of this Agreement as and when required and Party no.2 shall support with co-operation. However this does not invalidate the enforcement of rights incurred, obligation, liabilities, and responsibilities of prior signed Agreement. The additional effect shall only be with respect to the clause or point altered, amended.

10. In Case of Dispute;

If any dispute arises between the parties hereto in respect of the AGREEMENT, the same shall be referred to the Arbitration under Indian The Arbitration and Conciliation Act (Amended) 2015, and it is mutually decided between the parties that the seat of arbitration shall be at Pune, Maharashtra. The parties have also decided unanimously that the Party of the 1st Part shall appoint the sole arbitrator to decide on the disputed matter should such dispute arise in the future. The governing laws to this Agreement shall be the laws of Republic of India.