Phuket Tourism

Thailand’s most popular and largest island, Phuket offers a diverse and cheerful cultural getaway to tourists from all over the world. Located at a distance of 890 km from Bangkok, this place is famous for its natural resources like spices, ivory, precious gems, natural pearls, caulk for ship hulls, firewood and ambergris. Phuket mainly consists of mountains and the western coast has the best beaches located. All these attractive features make this island a dream destination for the travelers.

Nightlife in Phuket

For many, the beach, the sun and partying are closely connected. Phuket’s fame as a party hub is well-deserved, with a worldwide crowd of partygoers. With clubs, discos, ladyboy cabaret shows, go-go bars, international DJs and live bands, there is everything which makes party scene most popular in the world. While most of the islands have their own small party scene, the place to enjoy at various bars, clubs, and massage parlours in Phuket is Bangla road in Patong, with its loud music, bright neon lights and crowd of young revelers. Your personal nightlife guide, Boom Boom Hunt will assist you in finding the best party destinations as per your choices.

Soi Bangla

Bangla road or Soi Bangla is the heart of nightlife and various nearest nightclubs in Phuket, and the competition for night supremacy is between the new Tiger complex and Sai Seadragon. Over the years, the tourists like to explore the Bangla road depending on popularity and seasons but the developing face of Patong nightlife is surely worth a look. Obviously, wherever you go in Bangla, you will be welcomed with a big smile and offered a drink at the bar.

Soi Easy on Bangla Road

Sands Bar Soi Easy is the nearest Soi from the beach. Other than few indoor beer bar, the major attractions are the Aussie Bar, Hollywood disco and a Go Go bar named ‘The Secret. You can also enjoy the decent dance performance by the girls or ‘models from Bangkok’ and play the arcade games around the pool tables.

Tiger Entertainment Complex on Soi Bangla

The Tiger Entertainment Complex on Soi Bangla in Patong Beach is taking the nightlife in Phuket at a different level. With three floors influenced by three huge tigers, many lofty ceilings, and a lot more space to take a walk throughout, Tiger Entertainment Complex is all about the party monsters. The rush of colors and lights are taking this huge pebbles cave looking venue to a party zone of much higher level

Where To Go For A Party In Phuket?

Every tourist has some great expectations while going on a holiday, and they want to spend their best time partying in the least amount of time possible. There are various fun ways to party hard in Phuket. Your personal nightlife guide for nearest nightclubs in Phuket, Boom Boom Hunt will search for the best nightlife areas for you as per your time and choice.

Explore Soi Bangla

If you are in Phuket to enjoy the nightlife, then don’t miss visiting party zones with live music and clubs here. Soi Bangla is bright and full of entertainment and fun for the party animals.

Begin With a Shooter at the Ice Bar

If you are extremely tired and thinking about the plans for the next day, go to the -30 degree celsius freezing room in the ice bar. Get a couple of vodka shots in an ice glass and stay there as long as you can without wearing your jacket. It will definitely keep you fully awake and ready for another party destination.

Ring the Bell at a Beer Bar

Once you walk down the Bangla road, you will see numerous small bars, which will look same but are different. A beer bar there is a U-shaped counter with loud music, colorful lights, a few funny names which are hard to remember, a TV screen, and some silly games to play. Additionally, the bell is there to show your generosity and happiness. Once you ring it, that means you will be paying a round of drinks to everyone in the bar.

Visit a Go Go Bar

You don't need to act strange to visit a GoGo bar once, usually, girls dancing on the central stage and many times a jaw-dropping show. This is Phuket, and it is relaxed, bachelors, as well as couples, visit to enjoy a couple of drinks and an experience to remember once.

Go to the Nightclubs

There are several listed nightclubs in Patong and you need to find your favorite.The most popular ones are Hollywood and Seduction on Soi Bangla but famous rooftop nightclubs are becoming more and more occupied. Banana Disco at the beach side is all time favorite for most of the tourists. Patong official closes at around 2 am, but nobody cares about it, they just have the after party fun.

Go for a Massage

Get the relaxing foot massage after you walk around the Patong all night, or you can get any massage as there are various kinds of massage parlours in Phuket. Go to the unisex spas and enjoy the body relaxing session. From the beach massage to fish massage, you can sit calm and feel the ease. 

Simon Cabaret & Ladyboys Shows

Simon Cabaret has great sets, a nice stage, impeccable choreography, and beautiful costumes, but what makes it more beautiful is how pretty the girls are. Simon is popular for the pretty ladyboys performing on the stage. If you are not having enough time to sit and enjoy the show for a couple of hours, you can see the ladyboys performing in Soi Bangla also or some modest show in Paradise complex.

Gay Phuket

Located at the feet of the Royal Paradise Hotel and with its many bars, the popular Paradise Complex is a great place to have fun. Enjoy the decent ‘My Way’ show by the ladyboys as it just costs you a drink. Don’t miss to have fun at ‘Boat Bar’. This is Phuket, and everyone is welcome.

Live Music & Loud Rock Bands

There are a huge number of live bands in Patong and tourist can hear them before seeing them. There are three spots that are really happening in Patong. Red Hot Bar at the end of Bangla, hotel on the beach road, and the wonderful live bands of Rock City across the avenue. You just need to order a drink as the Entrance is free.

Recover in Any Island

After partying hard, all you need to do is recover. The most astonishing place is Similan islands, where the color of the water is amazing, the sand is like a baby powder, and you can rent a sweet and small air ventilated bungalow to spend the night. If you are tired to go for a long trip, then you can choose the Phi Phi island, or Racha island, Bon island, and Coral island even the closest. You can also choose to visit a nearby massage parlour in Phuket to get a rejuvenating massage session for the day. These options are definitely the best ones for the Phuket Thailand Nightlife.

Whether you want to chill out at an island or party all night or enjoy the hard rock music. Get the information and directions of any place at any time with the best Phuket nightlife Guide, Boom Boom Hunt. Enjoy and spend the best time of your holidays.