About Thailand

Thailand is a dazzling country located on the mainland of Southeast Asia at the center of the Indochina peninsula. Sharing its border with the beautiful Andaman Sea in the west and the Gulf of Thailand in the south, this mesmerizing destination has an enchanting history along with a distinct culture including the delicious Thai food and massage. This modern capital city is known for its warm and friendly people who symbolize Thailand's “land of smiles” honor.

This alluring country is a mixture of various cultures. From modest lifestyles of the monks to the fluttering nightlife and parties on the beaches, Thailand owns a broad spectrum of things.

From picture-perfect valleys to high limestone cliffs to the structures sitting on the ancient volcanoes and attractive wildlife reserves to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket for Thailand nightlife, there’s something for everyone.

The spectacular beaches of Thailand attract the flock of visitors every year. You can bask on one of its various beaches or relish the water sports available for those looking for the utmost adrenaline rush. Likewise, the country is known for its huge variety of massages. It may be a healthy idea to get a soothing back massage on the beach.

Nightlife In Thailand

Apart from the religious and spiritual side of the country, when it comes to Thailand night out, it certainly has an influence. Whether in Bangkok, where all social and economic groups and sexual orientation party together, or on the islands of Pattaya or Phuket, where a twilight means going home or going hard. In Thailand, life starts when the sun goes down.

With the romance blended with exoticism and plain exhilaration with the sense of adventure, Thailand has a unique and mesmerizing nightlife. By all means, anyone who has never been to Thailand immediately starts visualizing Adult Go-Go bars, shady back alley massage parlors and party islands of Pattaya and Phuket for Thailand nightlife; it is true but doesn’t completely represent the country that has graceful traditional dancing, energetic bars and nightclubs for Thailand’s night out.

A Perfect App For Thailand Nightlife

For a perfect night out, Thailand is an excellently filled nightlife bonus complete with ladyboys, bar girls, dancing girls and everything in between. With the Thailand nightlife finder app like Boom Boom Hunt, it is easy to stay connected with the eye-catching nightclubs and plan the amusement for night outs. From foreign friendly nightclubs to laid back beer bars, Boom Boom Hunt thrives on providing you the absolute information, so that you can keep calm and enjoy your fun-filled time.

Nightclubs In Thailand

Nightclubs in Thailand are different from a typical nightclub. Thailand’s nightclubs are usually table service with small or no dance floors. In the higher priced and popular nightclubs, there are a number of girls than guys.

Beer Bars In Thailand

Beer bars, also known as girlie bars, are mainly open aired bars usually found in beach town resorts like Phuket and Pattaya. This is where a bunch of Thai girls serves you the beer. Find your perfect beer bar and enjoy the chilled beer with a good conversation with your friends.

Rooftop Bars In Thailand

If you have never been to a Rooftop restaurant and bar, then Thailand is the perfect place to experience something exciting. Bangkok is packed with several rooftop bars which are gaining in popularity.

Your Guide For A Splendid Night out


The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is the start of the trip to South-East Asia and gateway to an astonishing adventure for many. Most of the people find Bangkok quite massive, and this implies to the nightlife as well, with spectacularly wild areas like Nana and Soi Cowboy.

A popular and well-known part of Thailand night out is Go-Go bar, which comes across like a fun, somewhat flirty way and a completely harmless way of spending an evening. The girls working here offer various other services along with the beer.

While still hustling but less full on, Khao San Road is the main tourist avenue which has its own variety of clubs and bars that are easy to get to. The reason it is great because lots of the clubs nearby only allow over 21s. Every night is a perfect night to go out close to the Khao San Road, in contrast, locals will mostly go at weekends. The casinos and bars here are open for drinks even after 1 am. Dress code is an impartially liberal concept, mainly in the tourist bars, flip flops and shorts are fine. If you want to travel beyond then some esteemed clubs may only allow those in closed toe shoes and trousers.

Bangkok has a booming cabaret location which showcases some of the most popular Thai Kathoeys or “ladyboys; Thailand has a very adept range of convincing transvestite and transgender performers, and a trip to Thailand would not be complete without seeing a show. These shows are different and must not be mistaken as the shows happening in strip clubs.


Thailand is one of the famous countries in Asia especially for its stunning sandy beaches, pleasant culture, some eye-catching tourist attractions and Thai culinary delicacies. You can totally experience the joy & delight of Thailand in Pattaya. Prominently known as one of the world’s best beach destinations, Pattaya has been tempting adventure-seekers for years with a captivating mix of shops and eateries, luxury resorts, high-octane water sports, and wild parties for Thailand night out lovers.

Located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is just 150 kilometers from the capital ‘Bangkok’. This city of beaches attracts many foreigners and tourists from all over the world. You can choose to escape in the serene beauty or get captivated by the charm of cabaret stage. Nevertheless, there are a lot more activities and attractions for everyone such as golf courses, botanical gardens, museums and water sports. Other places of attraction include Nong Nooch Village, Mini Siam, Pattaya floating market, Underwater world Pattaya and lot more.


Phuket, also called ‘the Pearl of Andaman Sea’, is Thailand’s largest island. With the boundless list of things to do and various sandy beaches to carouse on, Phuket is an enchanting island to visit. The stunning coastline, rich culture, clear blue sky, astounding natural sights, dining, shopping, the diversification of outdoor activities and Phuket, Thailand nightlife are some of its charismata that can capture you completely. You can enjoy the afternoon by paying a visit at Phuket Sea Shell Museum to find the world’s most fascinating collection of sea shells or explore the lagoons and caves of Phang Nga by canoe.

Apart from this, you can take a tour to the deserted mansions of Old Phuket Town or watch a spectacular sunset from Promthep Cape Viewpoint. Illuminate your inner inspiration by visiting its various beautiful temples displaying the icons of the monk and do not miss the famous Thai massage that makes you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Chiang Mai

The nightlife of Chiang Mai has some great riverside watering holes and bars. Relax by the Ping River and listen to the live music with a Chang beer in hand. For a more buoyant hangout, head to the Nimmanhaemin Road area, which also has a great food and live music.

The Islands

Beautifully idealized, located in the Gulf of Siam and the Andaman Sea, Thailand’s islands are the jewel in any visit. Just because not being on the mainland doesn’t mean they are vacant of anything to do in the evening, many enjoy nightlife here far better than other places.

Tourists mostly visit Koh Phi Phi for the island paradise and turquoise waters as seen on the beach. Though the island also has a celebrated nightlife that falls from the broad variety of bars onto the seashore. If you want a perfect night out, visit the Vibe and Lotus beach bars before moving towards one of the beachfront clubs.

Koh Samui is for the ones with an expensive taste, so if you are not running out of money, this might be a great place to hangout. One of most perfect isles of Thailand, Koh Chang also has an easier going nightlife, with live music and energetic pubs, to beach bars working into the small hours.

Although, there is an island that cannot be missed when we talk about Thailand nightlife. Koh Phangan is famous for its full moon party, a date remembered by many Southeast Asian travelers. Located on Haad Rin beach at the south end of the island, this party all night fascinated thousands of people, mostly westerners, every month.

Partygoers dressed in effulgent tutus with face paint dance to trance, house drum and base till the sun rises, or until they faint along the sea front. Fire entertainment differs at each bar, still, the quality of choice of drink hardly changes. Buckets are all filled with the can of energy drinks and a bottle of spirit, for not exceeding 200 baht.

If you are looking for a wild party full of energy or a perfect beach party, Thailand is for you. Just put on your shoes and locate your nearest party hub with a single tap. As the best Thailand nightlife finder, Boom Boom Hunt would love to help you plan your perfect night out and embrace each moment you spend.